From home to the store and back.
The “drive to store” with Just Commerce

Just Commerce brings the store back to the center of the shopping experience. The junction of all the paths and practices of customers and operators, between digital and physical, to create value and increase conversion.




Make customers feel at home and finalize them with personalized services




Always looking for exclusive products but little time to go shopping

09.30 am

Elisa uses the Just Commerce app to find what she is looking for in the catalog of available products and book a test in the reserved dressing room of the store closest to work.


10:01 am

Elisa receives a notification from Matthew: her booking request has been accepted. In lunchtime he will go to the shop to do the test and buy the clothes.

01.10 pm

Thanks to an automatic check-in, carried out with ultrasound wave, on his app Matthew sees the entrance of Elisa with a notification of her reservation. He welcomes her and arranges clothes and dressing room for the test. While Elisa is in the dressing room, Matthew takes a look at Elisa’s preferences and purchase history: in a few seconds she knows what to suggest for upselling.


01.19 pm

Matthew receives Elisa’s cart on his app. Before concluding the purchase, she suggests adding another item to match the outfit with a special price.

01.18 pm

Elisa has finished the test and is ready to pay. He notices the long queue at the cash desk, but is not discouraged: he can skip the queue by paying directly from the app: he scans the tags / QR of the desired products and sends his trolley to Matthew for approval and anti-shoplift release.

01.20 pm

Elisa does not resist the offer, accepts the proposal and pays from its app, choosing to send everything home by the next day.

07.30 pm

The day is over. Before closing, Matthew checks the activities of the day on the Just Commerce dashboard, compares the bounce rate of the point of sale and assigns reward points to the clerks who have converted the most.

Benefits for retailers and assistants.

Benefits for customers


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