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Beyond Places,
a Unique Space

Just Commerce Marketplace gives you the right mix of technology and services for creating your own digital space where to connect sellers with buyers.

Why a Digital Marketplace Strategy?

  • Expand your offering

    Scale your business globally: tap in a new selling categories with drop-shipping solution without the burden of holding extra inventory.

    Maximise your selling capabilities

    • Offer business continuity
    • Prevent lost sales
    • Add new revenue streams
  • Create a unified destination

    Provide e-commerce selling capabilities to your vendors and increase your appeal with drive-to-store features and data-driven tools and analytics.

    Transform your business model

    • Manage a layered ecosystem
    • Generate data driven insight
    • Partner with your clients
  • Meet your customers

    Reach your customers without boundaries and surround them with multiple touchpoints to encourage contextual interactions and to enhance their loyalty.

    Improve your people journey

    • Ensure a safe experience
    • Reach new generations
    • Provide smart operations

Our solution applies across various business types:

Just Commerce Marketplace is proved to be a perfect fit for companies that need to enhance their phygital retail assets improving their service with the adoption of innovative and digital tools for their stakeholders (ie. tenants, in-store operation, retail merchandisers, customers).

Just Commerce services for your success

Stentle’s team guides you to boost marketplace performance from kickoff through execution and beyond.

  • Open & Optimised Commerce Platform

    Just Commerce is a smart and open platform built to respond and adapt to the challenges of the market and the continuous evolution of the technological context:

    • No limits in orders and customer management
    • APIs integration with any retail system.
    • Artificial Intelligence optimises processes

Run your Marketplace with Just Commerce

Provide Click & Collect, Click & Reserve and Home delivery:

B2C Marketplace

  • Advanced Product Information Management
  • Support for thousands of products
  • Catalog Navigation with advanced filtering
  • Sell Worldwide (multiple tax, currency, price lists support)
  • Support for Split Payment and Credit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Money Transfer, etc
  • Advanced Order Management (Dropshipping Support)
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Sales Assistant

  • View all details of product catalog (QR code scanning)
  • Endless Aisle (stock of other stores /warehouses)
  • Customer profile
  • Allow mobile payment with pay-by-link
  • Manage Click&Reserve / Click&Collect
  • Analytics data collection
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Admin Backoffice

  • Product catalog creation
  • Product catalog import via CSV
  • Variants, categories and attributes management
  • Stock update
  • Visual merchandising
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Orchestrate operation with Unified Conciergerie:

Conciergerie App

  • Dashboard for viewing orders and reservations
  • Notifications on new orders and reservations
  • Order detail view
  • Customer list view
  • Creation and management of delivery and shipping lists
  • Alerts and messages with tenants and customer care
  • Shipping tracker integration
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Enable personalised Customer Experience:

Product Digital Extender

  • Smart product page, QR Code triggered: availability, video, storytelling, tech specs
  • Ask for support from shop assistant
  • Endless Aisle (stock of other stores /warehouses)
  • Related products
  • Smart checkout, QR triggered: collect in store or delivery at home
  • Analytics data collection
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Virtual Shopping

  • Secure peer-to-peer audio and video conferencing
  • No downloads and updates to install
  • Waiting room for customers
  • Screen sharing (tab, app, full desktop
  • Sharing and downloading shared files
  • Whitelabel (including CNAME, logo and custom wait screen)
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Stentle is not just digital

As a part of M-Cube Group, European leader in-store engagement, Stentle software solutions are integrated with the group in-store technology for delivering a 360° store strategy.