Just Commerce

Just Commerce is the cloud solution for chain stores, shopping mall and shopping districts. A toolkit and services ready to use to help brands, companies and retailers to offer a fluid and personalized customer experience, know their customer and monitor the funnel from digital to physical.

  • a seamless experience

    Many solutions for the customer: to discover products, buy them and book them online and live the store space in a personalized way. An app for the retailer: to facilitate upselling, make checkout, order and stock management easier.

  • store empowerment

    A platform designed around the needs of the customer and the retailer, to integrate paths, channels and touchpoints, making every moment of the interaction inside and outside the shop, unique and relevant.

  • real time data

    Monitor customer behaviours to identify their preferences and adjust strategies. Make their time spent in the store more enjoyable by personalising the customer experience with the help of the tools and data, in real time.

A reliable platform that talks to everyone


The heart of Stentle solutions is our cloud platform distributed as Software as a Service (SaaS). Capable of managing tens of thousands of customer and order products and integrating any system, thanks to its APIs, the Stentle platform is the ideal basis for quickly creating customized, reliable and customer-oriented solutions.


Just Commerce Boutique

We have set up a boutique space where the demo is accessible to everyone by appointment. In case you want to come and visit us and try it without commitment in a dedicated session, we would be more than happy to welcome you.

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